Google Chrome Comic Book (PDF)

Just got this info from an update in Then I saw this comics, no matter how the browser will end up going, such a0 way of spreading the information is really interesting.I put together those pictures scanned by Google Blogoscoped as a PDF file, which is easy to read and kept somewhere. (It is drawn by Scott McCloud, and is distribute here under its Creative Commons license.)

The facts that I like about this browser:

  • It is WebKit based
  • The multi-process mode
  • The Javascript VM
  • The division between user- and sandbox-mode
  • Responsive address bar. I hate Firefox’s aweful(or awesome) bar a lot, way too sluggish.

Questions I still have:

  • Is there an extension/add-on system? (I can not imagine browsing internet without Ad-block)
  • Is the UI easy to get use to?
  • Is it cross-platform? Hopefully it will be, right since the beta release. But it is not so easy to fit a big app like this into different systems. What GUI toolkit they will use? GTK+ for Linux? (From Google’s official blog, it seems mac/linux build will not be available tomorrow)


  • While I was still a bit suspicious about the news, this make me totally believe: the author of the comics Scott McCloud has posted a short message, revealing that the release date is actually this Wednesday, and the comic was “mistakenly” sent out. 🙂 And also later at his blog, there will probably be a better formated version of the comic.
  • Google’s official blog finally confirmed the information, saying the release will be on tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Blogoscoped continued posting several screenshots based on a leaked youtube video, which is not available any more.
  • Chinese website Sina has provided a Chinese version of the comics by translating the text itself. But I’m wondering whether translation is allowed based on the creative common license the comic uses. Well, niether have they mentioned the author’s name, or any other thing related to the license.
  • I updated the PDF file by using the resource here, which are digitalized by Google.

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