How to get high-resolution Netbeans icon on Linux

Netbeans Icon

I always like to have nice looking icons for my application launchers. Especially when using GNOME Do, launchers with icon smaller than 128×128 pixels looks always like shit.

So choosing a good icon theme is very important for me. I am currently using the “Gnome Brave” theme from Gnome-colors package, it provides a wide-range of scalable icons in SVG format, meaning these icons can fit into any size required.

However there are always some apps that the theme hasn’t cover, like eclipse, Netbeans etc. In this case, I have to look for good quality icons for them, which can be very hard sometimes.

I actually have been trying to find a high-res icon for my Netbeans but haven’t had any luck. But today when I searched again and came across some pictures of how Netbeans launcher looks on Mac’s dock, I saw a very large, slick icon. Then I looked into Netbeans folder and noticed there was a file with extension .icns. It turned out this is one of the icon file formats used by Apple on Mac. And luckily enough, on Linux there is an utility, icns2png which extracts the PNG
files contained inside .icns file.

If you use Ubuntu/Debian, this tool is right in the repository so just install the icnsutils package. Then by issuing the following command in a terminal, you can extract the 128×128-pixel 32-bit PNG file from the Netbeans.icns file:

icns2png -x -s 128 -d 32 netbeans.icns

BTW: if you also need an icon for Eclipse, I found one with Tango style in SVG format here:

Netbeans on Do Dock

And if you are curious what the app is in the screenshots, it is a new interface in development for GNOME Do, a dock implementation which also provides basic Do functionalities. It is so far the best dock I’ve ever used on Linux.

Update: I just updated the Gnome-colors theme and they include an tangoish Eclipse icon. So if you are using this theme, you can save some effort, but please notice, the one used by Gnome-colors is another version which doesn’t have the 3 horizontal stripes in design.


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