Hello world!


I should say that WordPress is always my favorite blog application and now with the release of 2.7, it becomes even more awesome! That is actually what motivated me to have this blog (I’d rather say a mirror of my blogger site) created.

Some new experience about the new release: I like the new design of the admin interface particularly. The quick edit and quick post feature are also very useful. And it also makes the management of comments fairly efficient. Although I don’t remember if I have ever used the blogger-to-wordpress converting tool, this time when I tried, it worked quite good, having all the post, comments and the labels converted. The labels are imported as categories by default which resulted in a huge amount of categories. Luckily there is another nifty tool to convert the categories into tags inside WordPress. The only glitch I encountered so far is some img tags lost their src attribute after converting. 😦


As I don’t have plan to host my own blog any soon, I used WordPress.com because it saves all the fuss to setup a blog and just works for a quick start. However I miss the plugin section in the admin interface as I wanted to use Markdown to write posts.

By the way, I noticed WordPress.com also uses Amazon’s S3 service, which is suppose to provide scalability, high availability, and low latency. This should make the access to the web interface reliable in most cases. (Except in mainland China, due to the freaking stupid GFW blocking wordpress.com)


I don’t blog so often nowadays but having a habit to keep noting something down turns out to be very helpful sometimes: I was having trouble with the Firefox performance in Fedora 9 two days ago and I googled around for help. Eventually I found the solution from my own blog post–it feels a bit strange, but anyway it makes me keep this nice little habit.

Regarding the name, I haven’t decide what the “u.i.n” stands for. But to have my name in “penguin” feels always nice to a 24/7 Linux user and FLOSS lover. Possible answers could be:

  • Peng usually is nerdy :b
  • Peng utters in nonsensse
  • Peng utters in nowhere
  • … (more to come?)

I just don’t want to stick with any of those yet, just leave some space for imagination and let the randomness bring some fun!


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