Integrate Remember The Milk Tasks into Evolution

Clock applet with Remember the Milk task list

Today’s Lifehacker has an article about how to integrate Google’s Apps into Evolution, which reminds me I always want to integrate Remember The Milk’s task list into evolution and eventually let it show in the nice looking drop down window of the clock applet on GNOME’s panel.

It should be easy because with the latest (at least, don’t know about previous version) Evolution you can create new task list of the type “On The Web”, for which you will need a webcal URL which you can find at Remember The Milk’s Info page (Using the Settings link in the upper right corner of your RTM webpage, and you will see the Info tab).

Well if you just fill in the URL and your username, you probably will get an error about some sort of authorization problem. Here is the workaround: simply add username & password combination into the address string as seen in the picture below.

New Task List Settings

After the task list is created, you will be asked for the password again (you may want to choose remember it as well), and then you should see all the tasks in you RTM account, incomplete or completed, be retrieved from the server. And meanwhile in the drop down window of the clock applet, all incomplete task should appear.

Quite like how Evolution handled Google Calendar before, the RTM task list is, for the time being, read-only, i.e. you can only see them but not add/remove/mark as complete etc. However, for me, this is exactly where RTM plugin of GNOME Do should play its role, the integration just gives me a better way to keep an eye on the tasks.


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