Updates to Ping.FM and Remember The Milk plugin

Due to the recent changes to GNOME Do’s plugin API, I updated the code for Remember The Milk and Ping.FM plugin, mostly by using IEnumerable to replace the arrays.

The new code has been pushed to their launchpad address respectively, but they won’t be compatible with the current release of GNOME Do, and not even the code in trunk can use this version. You may need them only if you are using the code from “future” branch.

There are the compiled binaries from the latest code:

Old versions (which should be used with all versions except future)

When you decide to checkout the code and compile them yourself, you should use the arguements -r revno:271 for RTM and -r revno:266 for Ping.FM if your target installation is not from future.

Update: David has merged the code of both RTM and Ping.FM plugin into community plugin, so you now you can also check out the code at lp:do-plugins/community.


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