Do 0.6.1Released, SCIM Support in Development

GNOME Do and Chinese input via SCIM

There is a minor release of GNOME Do lately, 0.6.1 – Before the Storm. It addresses severl bug fixes, especially the most annoying and infamous clip board bug introduced with 0.6.0, which may consume very high cpu resouces and freeze the system. This release also improves on dealing with special characters like “<”. A new icon also has been used.

If you are still using 0.6.0, very likely you’ve already been suffering from the clipboard bug, now it is time to upgrade. If you are with older version, this new release should be good and stable enough for you to switch to.

To install the new version, you can either grab the source code from and compile it yourself, or add the do-core PPA into your sources.list and install via apt-get or Synaptic.

Meanwhile, Jason (DBO) is doing extraordinary works to bring new features to the development branch which will become the next Do release 0.7. Yesterday he added a exciting feature which allows users to use SCIM to input in Do. This feature must be quite important to CJK users (or any user that needs SCIM to type words on daily basis).

Like 2 month ago, I was think about this issue that Do may not be so useful to CJK users as to users who type without an IM since for CJK users normally there must be a decent amount of items that Do indexes are in Chinese/Japanese/Korean and without IM suport, these items are almost unreachable (well, you still could navigate to them using arrows maybe, but … you don’t want to do that too often if you want to be efficient). At that time I was even planned to solve this problem and did give it some (stupid) thoughts. But I didn’t imagine it could be such a straight forward approach like this: using the Gtk.IMContext class.

So now you can use SCIM fairly well with Do, though you may want to turn off the “Embed Preedit String into window” option cause Do’s interface actually cannot display those inline preedit string for now.

With the also newly added “paste support” feature, Do’s Text Mode is much easier to use. If you want to test it out, you can grab DBO’s branch using bzr:

bzr co lp:~jassmith/do/do-uiwork/

With this code, you can also find other amazing things he has been working on, like the new animated HUD theme (engine), the one you could see from the screenshot above.

GNOME Do是一个类似苹果Mac OS中QuickSliver或Windows下Launchy的软件,可以 避免不必要的鼠标操作,利用键盘的便捷性快速的启动应用程序,打开文件或文 件夹,并通过几十种不同的可选插件完成诸如添加事件至Google日历,上传图片 至ImageShack,打开Firefox书签,发送信息至Twitter等任务,是你系统的“遥控 器“,追求效率的同学之必备软件。现在Gnome的开发分支已经加入了对SCIM输入 法的支持,使用中文的同学可以更精确的使用Do,新的代码可以通过上面提到的 BZR命令获取。

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