A Day of Excitement

It’s a great day today, cause I found some exciting new things with softwares I use everyday.

First, I noticed the latest version of mail-notification, namely v5.4, had made its way into the official repository of Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, together with GetLive and fetchyahoo, two essential scripts that assist mail-notification to check your Hotmail and Yahoo! mailbox. In Hardy, I had to compile each of them manually, and now in Intrepid, no longer are those tedious work needed before you can enjoy an all-in-one solution for mail checking. (Note: if mail-notification complaints about “cannot find GetLive”, you may want to make a symbolic link from /usr/bin/getlive to /usr/bin/GetLive)

Then I read about that Google Reader finally improved their “Note in Reader” interface by including options for adding tags and for toggling if the noted item also becomes shared. I remember I’ve expressed right after “Note in Reader” was added my missing of the tagging feature, cause it wouldn’t make NiR useful to just “note” a web page without categorizing it somehow. Nevertheless, now we have it, and together with the great addition of toggling share or not, the NiR becomes more complete and is able to take the role of an useful tool for me to collect/bookmark web pages.

Another good thing is to find out that keyconfig is finally usable with Firefox 3.0.2 in Intrepid. It had a small issue due to the change of internal API from mozilla side, but by simply clearing an string value in the about:config page, the keyconfig functions nicely again. I also got several new functions from here and here.

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