“Gmail” domain completely banned in Germany

Of course that Gmail can not be used in Germany is not news, but although my Gmail interface shows the Google Mail logo, domains like gmail.com/gmail.google.com are still accessible … until yesterday.

Since yesterday, when open domain containing “gmail”, you will see a page like:

We can’t provide service under the Gmail name in Germany; we’re called Google Mail here instead.

If you’re traveling in Germany, you can access your mail at http://mail.google.com.

Oh, and we’d like to link the URL above, but we’re not allowed to do that either. Bummer.

For general information about Google, please visit http://www.google.com or http://www.google.de.

But luckily the imap.gmail.com domain seems still ok, otherwise I suppose there would be a lot of problem with people who use Outlook/Thunder Bird/Evolution … to access GMail.

Funny enough, is my cGmail, a handy Gmail notifier program running in Linux stopped working. I don’t know if it’s because of this, but very likely.

I searched on internet to see if other people have the same problem, so far only this blogger mentioned this, but what was said there, that your sent out mail’s using address like @googlemail.com seems not happen to me.

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