Note in Reader

Google Reader just introduced this new feature, which expand the scale of sharing by giving user the ability to share, in addition to the articles subscribed in Google Reader, any page on the web. You can check the Official Google Reader Blog for details.

Personally I think it’s a good feature. I always felt uncomfortable to keep my online bookmark and Google reader’s shared items separately. Cause no one could always come across a valuable article/post only in or only out of Reader. So if there is a way we can just put them into one place, to find any items or to manage them should be much easier.

The new bookmarklet “Note in Reader” provided by Google Reader will embed a floating layer into the current page, not like the one for Google Bookmarks or for, which will popup a new windows containing the form to submit. This could be convenient sometimes, but I noticed a longer delay before the form appeared. And I also find something is missing: when you add the page with “Note in Reader” bookmarklet, currently you can not tag the page. So if you would like to keep your notes in a neat order for better management, you have to tag them later inside Google Reader.

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