Synergy lagging in Ubuntu 8.04

Synergy is one of my favourite apps of all time. But every since I updated my system to 8.04, I experienced this very annoying issue, that the mouse and keyboard input at the client side are always sluggish. Following is quoted from the bug report at launchpad:

When I move my mouse from the synergy server to the hardy client system, the mouse will only move intermittently, and keyboard input is similarly fragmented. None of the movements or keystrokes are ever actually lost (Synergy uses TCP, so that’s expected), but movement is sporadic and jumpy, and keystrokes seem to occasionally get ‘buffered’ and then arrive all at the same time.

After going through all the comments, it seems there is not yet a perfect solution for this. The reason for the unresponsiveness is either the new scheduler in the new kernel, or some bugs existing in Synergy’s code. If it’s the kernel, you can compile a new kernel with modified configuration, or wait until there is an update from Ubuntu’s repository. But I currently don’t have too much time on my hand so I just use the dirty trick introduced there (which works very well though) : running both client and server with sudo.

Just want to quickly note it here. Hope it will be solved soon.

[Update] With the latest kernel available in the repository, I don’t have this problem anymore. 😉

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