Just moved here

My personal blog with the domain name “dengpeng.name” is not accessible for quite some time. I don’t know the exact reason since the space for hosting this blog is shared with (or to be more accurate, borrowed from) others and currently I cannot get in touch with them. On the other hand, I have written very few posts recently and ain’t going to blog very often in the future either, therefore although it costs not so much to maintain a domain name, I don’t think I’m gonna continue doing that.

My requirement for blogging is rather low and I’ve noticed there were quite a lot of improvements going on here with blogger recently, so hope I can live very happy with blogger and find most of what I want.

Regarding the content of my posts, I would say most of them will be about GNU/Linux, free software and web technology (like what I blogged before). So for the next post, I’m going to write some feeling of my recent upgrading of my Ubuntu system from 7.10 (gutsy) to 8.04 (hardy).


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