Monitor network traffic with netspeed applet

Before I used netmon-applet on my gnome panel to monitor my network traffic, but after upgrading to Gutsy, I noticed that the upload/download speeds it was showing are somehow not correct, always less than half of the real speeds. It’s quite annoying, not to mention the lack of feature to change monitored devices adaptively.

Today I came across this nifty applet: netspeed at Gnomefiles. I’m very happy with it and meanwhile very regretful of overlooking such a handy stuff. It shows the real-time network up/down speed separately or as a sum, along with some beautiful icons. The most powerful feature is, it will automatically change to monitor different devices if you switch from one type of network to another (e.g. from wired to wireless), and the icon will also change accordingly. If you insist, of course, it can keep monitoring any certain device all the time. Besides, it has a Device Details window, decently showing some information about your network device and traffic.

Screenshot of netspeed applet

To install it in Ubuntu/Debian, just find it in synaptic or, using command line, type in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install netspeed

So, it’s time to say farewell to netmon-applet. 🙂

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