Install Ubuntu using a minimal CD

If you have a very fast network connection, or you luckily have a mirror of the Ubuntu repositories in your local network, you may want to consider using this damn small installation CD. It’s less than 10 MB but works quite nicely. Not only the time spent on downloading a 700MB CD image but also the time burning such a image (it could be quite slow if you’re using a CD-RW) is saved. And more importantly, there is almost no need to update the system after installation, since all the packages are fetched directly from the server, which are already up-to-date.

The installation uses the same system as the alternative CD, but it will let you select a mirror from the official mirror list or assign a server address as you wish. After installing the basic system, it will also ask you before proceeding, which high-level system you want on your computer, e.g. an Ubuntu desktop, a Kubuntu desktop or a LAMP server etc.

BTW, I got the Gutsy CDs I booked online, while my system is already 7.10 for several weeks though.

Gutsy CDs

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