Markdown mode for Emacs

About half year ago, I was brought by google search to Jason’s blog and found those handy markdown functions, but I also felt the same like him that we really need a markdown mode for emacs.

Today when I just remembered this and googled again, I happily discovered the nifty markdown-mode written by (another?) Jason. The latest version is 1.4 and is released in June. This mode contains syntax highlighting, and a couple of key bindings for inserting some markdown elements as well as for running markdown script. It’s really helpful and works like a charm. I’m just missing a functionality, which is to insert anchors of the reference style: “[][]”.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the page of this mode from author’s website.

Note: in order to use the two commands (markdown and markdown-preview), you have to rename the original markdown script written by Juhn Gruber to “markdown”, give it privilege to execute (chmod +x) and put it into /usr/bin/.

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