Jed: Emacs’ alternative in the terminal

Ever since I became familiar with Emacs, I have had problem editing files in terminal: Switching key binding habit between vi and Emacs is hard therefore I prefer not to use vi; But on the other hand, Emacs launches much slower than vi since it loads a lot of packages when starting. This inconvenience has been haunting around for quit some time.

I’m very happy today’s Debian Package of the Day introduces the jed editor which is very timely for relieving me from this dilemma.

A small trick: if you find your jed always recognizes key bindings like M-f or M-b as menu shortcuts, just insert this line in the file ~/.jedrc:

() = evalfile("emacs");

This will resets the keys which is overwritten by the command enable_menu_keys (); in file /usr/share/jed/lib/

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