Trip to Vienna & Google Maps

Sunset at Donau

Having been traveling in Vienna for 3 days, I came back at 11:30
pm on Monday. The trip is exciting since Vienna is a spectaclularly
colorful city and the weather during our journey is as suitable as I
could expect, shiny, warm but not that hot like in Stuttgart at the
same time. Well, our schedule was a little bit intensive as we
“studied” a lot before departure and planned so many
places/sight-seeings to visit and actually we did visit nearly all the
places we planned, so we all get somehow exhausted in the end,
however, when looking at those impressive photos we took and recalling
the happy time in this famous city, I can not help thinking that we
really had a fantastic trip.

I found Google Map extremely useful before, during and after
the trip, especially the recently added “My Maps” feature. I
created a new map and marked the preferred sight-seeings on it based
on the information got from other sources like the well-known Chinese
travel forum before departure. If you don’t know
an exact position of a place on the map, the search form will help.
So I got a graphical overview of the whole city we were going to visit
which potentially helped me when we were looking for our ways
afterwards. We also benefit from the map when booking our hostel
cause after putting those optional hostels on the map, the location
advantage or disadvantage of each hostel could not be more obvious.

The only functionality I am longing is the offline accessibility.
Because during the journey, we don’t have Internet most of the time,
it makes the maps we had created nearly useless then. Thanks to the
choice of the hostel we made, we had free wireless Internet in the
hall. (AD time: if you are planning to travel to Vienna, Hostel
is worth to be taken into consideration. Although
it’s not so closed to the city center as some others e.g. the famous
Wombat’s Lounge, it offers free breakfast and free Internet
access with a very nice price for the beds. The convenient
transportation makes the distance nothing especially when you bought a
24H/48H/72H ticket which covers all the transportation methods
including S-Bahn, U-Bahn(metro), Strassebahn(tram) and Bus.) As I
took my laptop with me, I enjoyed myself very well in the hostel. I
marked the icons of those we had already visited on the map with a
different color and wrote some notes directly inside the pop-up
balloon. I altered the route we planned to what we actually travelled
and update the schedule for the next day.

After came back, the summary is also done on the map. I uploaded
selected picture to Flickr/Picasa Web Album and inserted them into
those balloons. So the map eventually becomes a journal or travel
notes or blog or whatever, the point is, it integrate the geographical
information that plain text could not provide visually. You can share
the map with your family, friend, and those who are also going to
visit Vienna.

So, the customized map “3 Day in Vienna” could be found
I have to say that I haven’t finished it 100% so you may find it not
as informative as you expect.

BTW, I also tried to use backpack to organize information for the trip and
it gave me a good impression although not as much as Google Maps
gave me.

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